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Footer Settings

General footer settings

Footer is a final element of the website. It has several important functions:

  • source of useful information;
  • logical end of pages;
  • extra space for the website navigation.

You can set up a user-friendly footer of your website in Global Content Editor.


In the Logo tab you can set up an important item of your website – logo.
Here you can upload a logo image, specify its size (width, height), and add a link. It is also possible to use a standard logo from branding.

Group links

Add groups of links and its names in the Content tab.

For each link you can:

  • add a name;
  • select an element type: link or scroll to the element;
  • add a link.

Social items

Social items help users find you in social media networks.

Add links to your social media profiles at the Content tab.

You can choose one of the following social media:

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Instagram;
  • Linkedin;
  • Youtube.

If the social media of your choice is missing, use the Upload icon option.

Then add links to your social media profiles.

Service links

Footer is a perfect place for adding links to important information, such as Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, etc.

Add service links at the Content tab.

For each link you can:

  • add a name;
  • add a URL.

Copyright text

You can place a piece of text protecting your rights as the owner of the website to a special window – Copyright text

Styles settings

To customize the footer styles, navigate to the Styles tab. Here you can choose:

  • Background color: Light, Dark, Secondary 1, or Secondary 2 (set in the theme general settings). Transparent – a color of the section with the footer module.
  • Accent color: Primary 1 or Primary 2 (set in the theme general settings).

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